Baltimore Seafood Festival

The Baltimore Seafood Festival 2018

Where: Baltimore, West Cork

(See below for exact location of Baltimore seafood festival)

When: 5th – 27th May 2018

Where better to spend a few days in the Summer than Baltimore, West Cork? Answer – Nowhere!

It’s a fantastic spot for a festival and this three-day seafood festival is a showcase for the products of Baltimore’s fishing and fish-farming industries, and for other local food-producers. Visitors have the opportunity to sample some of the best of the fish and shellfish from the seas off Baltimore, together with other produce like cheese and home-baking. There is musical entertainment in the Square every day and free shellfish is served in all the bars. The festival is held in conjunction with the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival, making this one of the most festive weekends of the year.

Baltimore seafood festival Baltimore seafood festival

Welcome to the Baltimore Seafood Festival

You’ll love sitting out in the sun, sipping a drink and people watching in the idyllic west cork village of Baltimore. The festival takes place in May so long days turn into fun evenings!

Baltimore seafood festival Baltimore seafood festival

Some much to see, so much to do, all the time in the world to relax!

There are lots of great walking you can do while you’re here. Make sure to walk out to the beacon and take lots of photos!

Baltimore seafood festival Baltimore seafood festival

Where exactly is the Baltimore Seafood Festival? 

And the best advice we can share with you…

  • Get your accommodation booked now!
  • You’re best off staying in Baltimore as opposed to driving in for the day. You certainly be happy you stayed local when the evening festivities rolls in! Also, parking can be a bit difficult, so advise is stay local and walk everywhere


For more info: Official Festival page

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