Connemara Mussel Festival

The Connemara Mussel Festival 2018

Where: Tullycross, Galway

(See below for exact location for Connemara Mussel Festival)

When: 4th – 6th May 2018


The Connemara Mussel Festival offers a veritable feast for the senses!

Originally established to promote the excellence of the mussels from Killary Harbour, the festival has now grown to become a celebration of local people, food, culture and heritage and is also recognised as the premier food event for Connemara attracting visitors from near and far.

The festival runs for 3 fun-packed days but don’t forget to explore while your here. Galway has some stunning scenery so make sure to get our and about along the coast

Connemara Mussel Festival

Connemara Mussel Festival

The mussels of Killary Harbour are known for their high quality and excellence and they are the true star of the festival

The natural fjord is ideally suited to growing rope mussels with the tradition of farming mussels beginning in the 1980s.

Connemara Mussel Festival

Connemara Mussel Festival

The festival takes place in Tullycross, a small idyllic village located on the Renvyle Peninsula in West Connemara.

Connemara boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland so while you’re down there why not make the most of it.

Connemara Mussel Festival

You’ll love the food demonstrations by expert chefs.

Though you’ll love trying the food for yourself most of all!

Connemara Mussel Festival

Of course the festival’s main focus is on the food and with exceptional local mussels and other produce they have much to celebrate.

There’ll be plenty of demos, talks, competitions, cook offs, top tips, tastings and panels with experts chefs to explore the wonderful range of locally produced foods so make sure to get involved.

Where exactly is the Connemara Mussel Festival? 

And the best advice we can share…

  • Make the most of your time while you’re here on the Wild Atlantic Way and explore the beauty of the Connemara region
  • Get you fill of seafood. Killary mussels are widely cited as among the best mussels in the world so make sure you get your fill!


For more info: Official Festival page

Want you restaurant being seen by all of Ireland’s seafood lovers? Get in touch

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