Are split cane rods good?

Senior Member. In the right circumstances split cane rods are a joy to use and are every bit as good as modern carbon fibre rods . Sometimes I think people are a little afraid of using them ‘ hard ‘ as it where , thinking they may break when bent in to a large fish .

What is a split cane rod?

A bamboo fly rod or a split cane rod is a fly fishing rod that is made from bamboo. … Nevertheless, bamboo fly rods made from skilled makers continue to be ‘state-of-the-art’ in performance and are cherished and revered by their owners.

How are split cane fishing rods made?

A split cane fly rod or bamboo fly fishing rod is formed by splitting, planing and straightening a series of bamboo or cane strips before gluing them together to form a fly rod blank. This fly rod blank may be composed of any number of tapered strips, most commonly a six-strip or hexagonal design.

Are wild water rods good?

The quality is decent, the performance is good and the price is great. This is one the best beginner fly rod and reel combos on the market… while you may not reel in the any sharks with this one, you’ll surely have a fun time catching rainbow trout!

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How do you identify a Tonkin cane?

Characteristics of Pseudosasa Amabilis ‘Tonkin Cane’

The canes are extremely straight, thick-walled with non-prominent nodes. It can attain a size of 2.5″ in diameter by 50′ tall. This bamboo doesn’t taper much from base to top, making it great for construction projects.

How do I identify a vintage bamboo fly rod?

Some better vintage rods have brass or alluminum tags with the craftsman’s name and rod model clearly marked. Tags can be glued or pinned in the cork handle or even wraped on the base of the bamboo rod length. If there is no tag, look for evidence one was there and has fallen off or been removed.

How do you straighten a bamboo fishing rod?

If the rod is old the glue that holds the bamboo strips together could delaminate using “dry” heat. Newer rods can be straightened with an alchohol lamp. An alchohol lamp is what rod builders use to burst air bubbles in rod finish and removing metal glue-on ferrules.

What kind of bamboo is used to make fly rods?

Materials. Gather your rod making materials. First, you will need a 10 to 12-foot piece of Tonkin cane, which is the type of bamboo most often used in rod making due to its long, dense fibers. You can order Tonkin cane online.

How is a bamboo fly rod made?

A bamboo fly rod is made of six strips of bamboo glued together to form hexagon (photo below). The strips are triangular in cross-section, and since the rod tapers from handle to tip, the triangular strips taper, too — the triangle is bigger at one end of the strip than the other.

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