Can you fish in Crystal River State Park?

This fishing area extends along a canal system that eventually opens into the Crystal River. … In the winter it is a good fishing spot for game species such as redfish, trout, snook, and flounder.

What kind of fish can you catch in Crystal River Florida?

Fish Species

Crystal River is home to tarpon, trout, redfish, shark, cobia, grouper and Spanish mackerel. Tarpon is a particularly desirable catch for charter fishermen and fly fishermen, and is often caught with live bait like blue crabs and pinfish, according to Captain Ed Lewis, a local charter fishing captain.

Can you fish at Crystal River?

The Crystal River area provides excellent fishing year-round. A combination of record-breaking Bass, Redfish, and Tarpon have been caught in the Crystal River all at the same time. This western Florida area is home to Kings Bay, which is spring-fed and home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refugee.

What fish are in season in Crystal River?

Here are the best times of the year to fish for five key species in the waters outside the mouth of Crystal River:

  • Red grouper May/June and October/November.
  • King mackerel April/May and October.
  • Redfish September.
  • Spotted seatrout February/March/April and October/November.
  • Tarpon May/June.
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Where can I fish in Crystal River?

Public Fishing Piers in Citrus County, Crystal River, Homosassa, Florida

  • Fort Island Trail Park Fishing Pier. 12073 West Fort Island Trail. …
  • John Brown Fishing Pier. S John Brown Dr & W Moorhaven Court. …
  • Kings Bay Park. The Roger Goettelmann Memorial Fishing Pier. …
  • Roger Batchelor Fishing Pier at Gulf Beach Park.

Is Crystal River fresh or saltwater?

The salt marsh and estuarine environment at Crystal River Preserve State Park occurs because of a perfect combination of tides, temperature and terrain. Each day in Crystal River fresh water from an abundance of area springs mixes with the salty seawater from the Gulf of Mexico.

Can you fish in Kings Bay?

Can you fish in Kings Bay? Kings Bay is a lake near Homosassa Springs. The most popular species caught here are Red drum, Largemouth bass, and Common snook. 187 catches are logged on Fishbrain.

Can you catch grouper on shore in Florida?

Grouper fishing doesn’t require a separate permit or tag, so once you get your Florida Saltwater Fishing License if fishing from a boat, you’ll be ready to go! If you’re fishing from the shore, a pier, a dock, or a bridge, you won’t need a Florida fishing license if you are a Florida Resident.

Does Crystal River have a beach?

Crystal River’s beaches and the surrounding area is made for those who love the great outdoors. Heralded as Florida’s Nature Coast, Crystal River features shallow, grassy flats, an ideal place to snorkel and search for scallops in the summer months.

Is Kings Bay saltwater?

The Crystal River/King’s Bay system is one of the most complex and unique natural resources in the State of Florida. This, combined with the Chassahowitzka, Homosassa, Hall’s and Withlacoochee rivers feeds one of the largest remaining saltmarsh estuary systems left along the US gulf coast. …

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Where can I fish in Homosassa FL?

Homosassa Fishing Spots

  • The Chassahowitzka River: Or “The Chass,” as it’s known to locals. …
  • The Homosassa River: Much like its southern neighbor, this river also offers 365-day-a-year action. …
  • Roger Goettelman Memorial Fishing Pier: This is the largest pier in Crystal River.