Do you need a recreational fishing Licence in Western Australia?

A licence is required for recreational fishing from a boat, net fishing, freshwater angling, fishing for rock lobster, abalone, or marron. You can apply for or renew a recreational fishing licence by: Applying online. Downloading and completing an application form, (PDF)

Do you need a licence to fish in Western Australia?

In WA, licences are required for: use of a powered boat to fish or to transport your catch or fishing gear to or from a land-based fishing location (Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence – RFBL) • rock lobster • abalone • marron • South-west (south of 29°S) freshwater angling • net fishing (set, haul and throw nets).

Is recreational fishing allowed in WA?

Changes to the recreational fishing rules in WA came into effect on 1 July 2021. Key changes include: Introduction of trip limits. While on a fishing trip you may accumulate up to 10kg of finfish fillets of any species, no skin required, plus an additional 10kg of fillets of large pelagic fish with skin on.

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Can you fish in Australia without a license?

Each state and territory has its own fishing regulation system, so there’s no national Australian fishing licence as such. Not all Australian states require you to purchase a recreational fishing license. …

Do I need a licence to fish in the Swan River?

Generally fishing is fine along the river from Fremantle to the upper reaches – there maybe restrictions at certain places however those locations have signage. You may need a fishing licence and certainly need to be aware of minimum size for each species and the number of fish that can be caught each day.

Do you need a licence to beach fish?

The short answer to this question is no – sea fishing does not require a licence. … Anglers fishing from clear sea fishing marks such as beaches, rock marks, piers and breakwaters have no need at all for any kind of licence (as long as they do not catch and keep certain species – see below).

Do I need a licence to catch crabs in WA?

Blue swimmer crabs are one of the most popular species targeted by recreational fishers in Western Australia. … In addition, when fishing for crabs with the use of a powered vessel, a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence is required.

Can you fish in Perth?

A Perth fishing hot spot list isn’t complete without including Fremantle. There’s no shortage of places around the iconic port city to drop in a line. The warmer waters in the harbour or river entrance are ideal. The E-Shed wharf offers tailor, bream, skippy and herring.

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What is recreational fishing?

Recreational fishing (RF) is defined as the “fishing of aquatic animals (mainly fish) that doesn’t constitute the individual’s primary resource to meet basic nutrition needs and are not generally sold or otherwise traded on export, domestic or black markets.” RF operate within a competitive sphere among commercial …

Is spear fishing legal in WA?

Spearfishing is a method of fishing where the person dives in the ocean and hunts fish with the aid of a speargun and various other equipment. Spearfishing mostly occurs while freediving on Apnea (breath hold) however it can occur whilst on Scuba although it is illegal in all states except WA.

What states in Australia do you need a fishing license?

Which states require a recreational fishing licenses?

  • Western Australia: If you are going to be doing any of the following then a license will be required and can be purchased here …
  • Queensland: …
  • Victoria: …
  • NSW:

Do you need a fishing licence in NSW if your Aboriginal?

This change means that Aboriginal people in NSW do not need to apply for a licence or pay a fee – regardless of whether fishers are fishing from freshwater or saltwater – if they are fishing within the provisions of an Aboriginal cultural fisher under the Act and its Regulations.

Do you need a fishing licence in NSW if you are over 65?

a letter from the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs stating that you receive a disability pension of 70% or higher, or an intermediate pension. holders of Seniors Cards, Health Care Cards and Repatriation Health Cards are not exempt from paying the fishing fee.

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Do you need a licence to catch yabbies in WA?

Recreational fishers in WA need a licence to catch marron. A detailed information brochure about marron fishing is available from the Department of Fisheries website at Yabbies are an introduced species to WA. … Yabbies can now be found in some south-west rivers and dams.

Are crab pots legal in WA?

Use and possession of fish traps is illegal in WA waters. It is against the state’s fishing laws to use traps to take fish from Indian Ocean waters, as well as any estuary, inlet, river, brook or stream. It is also an offence for a person to be in possession of illegal fishing gear on land adjacent to those waters.

Are cast nets legal in WA?

In WA, it’s illegal for recreational fishers to use commercial netting methods, such as purse seine and trawling. throw (cast) netting. Haul netting also referred to as ‘drag’ netting, is done only in ocean waters from a beach or a boat.