Frequent question: How is the breeding carried out in composite fish culture?

How induced breeding is performed?

The Artificial Process By Means Of Which The Extract Of The Pituitary Is Introduced Inside The Body Of Both The Matured Male And Female Fishes, Then After Being Excited, They Lay Eggs In The Pond Water And Subsequently Fertilization Takes Place And The Process Is Called Induced Breeding Of Fishes.

In which fishery induced breeding technique is used?

Induced Breeding technique

The induced fish breeding technique for the Indian carps (rohu, mrigal and catla) is slightly different from that of other Asiatic carps (grass carp, silver carp and big head).

What is induced breeding class 9?

Induced breeding is a technique by which pituitary hormone or any other hormone stimulates ripe fish breeders.

What is Hypophysation technique?

Answer: Hypophysation is a method used in the breeding of fishes. The technique of hypophysation employs the injection of the pituitary gland extract that induces breeding in fish. The technique also includes the induction of various gonadotrophin hormones in the body needed for breeding purposes.

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What are the methods of fish breeding?

These methods may be grouped into three categories: natural propagation; semi-natural propagation; artificial propagation. 2. For natural propagation , males and females are placed together in a breeding area such as a small pond or an enclosure where they spawn naturally.

What is breeding of fish?

Fish reproduce by bearing live young or by laying eggs. Livebearers give birth to fully formed and functional young called fry. The eggs are fertilized and hatch within the female. … Most species of livebearers kept in home aquariums are generally easy to breed. Identifying sexes is usually easy as well.

What is composite fish culture?

Composite fish culture is a most popular technique to obtain maximum yield of fish from a pond/reservoir. The technology involves employment of compatible and non-competing fish culture through utilisation of different feeding zones of the pond or reservoir, resulting maximum production of fish per unit area of water.

Is induced breeding?

Induced breeding is a scientific approach to the modern fish breeding procedure whereby ripen brood fishes are stimulated to release the eggs by pituitary hormone or any other synthetic hormone to breed in captive condition.

What is induced breeding what are its advantages?

2)Desired species of carps can be cultured through the induced breeding. 3)large numbers of eggs are available from a fish through induced breeding. 4)In same season, a carp can be induced to breed more than once. 5)Transportation cost becomes very low as the carps can breed in any desired pond.

What is induced breeding explain the process of induced breeding in fishes?

The technique of breeding the fish by administering pituitary gland extract injection is known as induced breeding or ‘hypophysation’. The gland secretes several hormones, of which ‘Gonadotropin’ is most important for breeding.

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Which hormone is used in induced breeding?

The hormones are: 1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 2. Luteinizing Hormone — Releasing Hormone 3. Progesterone 4.

What is the role of pituitary gland in induced breeding of fish?

Usually pituitary glands are used to induce the fish for spawn. The hormone secreted by pituitary gland stimulates growth, development, maturity and ovulation of eggs. These hormone secreted from pituitary are protein or peptide.

What is bundh breeding?

Bundh breeding is a traditional method for quality seed production in captivity and practiced by fish seed producers of Bengal since long time. The seeds produced through such method, due to its quality had a considerable demand in the country.

What is composite fish culture what are the advantage of composite fish culture?

Solution 1. An advantage of composite fish culture is that it increases the yield of fish. In a composite fish culture, five or six different species are grown together in a single fish pond. Fishes with different food habitats are chosen so that they do not compete for food among themselves.

What is fish Hypophysation?

Hypophysation is a technique whereby ripe fish brooders are stimulated by pituitary hormone introduction to spawn in captive condition. Injected pituitary gland extract bypasses the brain-pituitary lin , acting directly on the ovaries and testes, providing the surge in blood GtH levels that normally precede spawning.