How do I print my BC fishing license?

Can I buy my B.C. fishing Licence online?

You can purchase your non-tidal/freshwater fishing licence online through the government of B.C.’s website or in person from a participating vendor.

How do I find my B.C. angler number?

Telephone: 1-866-431-FISH or 604-666-2828.

Can I fish in B.C. with an Alberta license?

Click here to complete the online application for your WIN card. A person who is not a resident of Canada.

LICENSES AND PERMITS for Hunting and Fishing.

Alberta Licenses and Permits Information
> Requirements ~ Alberta Hunting and Fishing
> Purchasing Fishing Licenses – B. C. Tidal Water Recreation Fishing

Do you have to print BC fishing license?

Recreational fishers must carry a printed copy of the licence with them when they are fishing (a signature is not required), and they must record their catch of chinook salmon, halibut and lingcod, in ink on the printed licence as required by the BC Sports Fishing Regulations and the conditions of licence.

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Do seniors need a fishing license in British Columbia?

Every angler who is 16 years of age or older will need to buy a Basic Licence which allows him or her to fish in the non-tidal waters of BC.

How many trout can you keep in BC?

Officers made the man retrieve the bag and when the fisherman got to shore, they found 19 rainbow trout on board — 13 more than the legal limit of two. “These were nice fish too.

How many crab can you keep in BC?

The recreational harvest daily limit for Dungeness or Red Rock crab is four for the South Coast and six for the North Coast. The possession limit is twice the daily limit. The width of a crab is measured in a straight line through the widest part of the shell, from outside the points.

What license do I need to catch crab in BC?

You must have a tidal waters sport fishing license to harvest shellfish in salt water, including tidal water boundary areas in rivers. Identify your catch.

Is Fraser River salt or freshwater?

The Fraser River reaches the ocean near Vancouver, and there the fresh water it carries mixes with ocean water to form a thin plume of buoyant brackish water, which according to one oceanographer is the “showpiece of the Strait of Georgia.”

When can you fish in BC?

September through November are the best months for river fishing for salmon. The coastal rivers of British Columbia have healthy runs of wild salmon that begin their migration starting in late August and early September. Prime fishing months for chum and coho salmon are October & November.

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How many salmon can you keep in BC?

Total possession limit of Salmon is EIGHT (8) of which no more than FOUR (4) can be Chinook/King salmon. The Daily limit is 2 Halibut per day, of which only one (1) may measure between 90 cm (69 cm head-off) and 133 cm head-on length (102 cm head-off).

Do you need a fishing license if you are 65 in Alberta?

All persons sportfishing in Alberta are required to hold an Alberta Sportfishing Licence, except: … Alberta residents aged 65 and older. First Nations’ Persons (defined as an Indian under the federal Indian Act)

Do seniors need a WiN card to fish in Alberta?

A. A WiN card is required by youth and seniors only if they want to participate in Special Walleye Licence draws.

Do Metis need a fishing Licence in Alberta?

Recognized Métis harvesters who have not obtained a Domestic Fishing Licence or intend to fish in waters not eligible for this licence, are required to purchase a sportfishing licence and follow the sportfishing rules for those waters.