How do you clean fish enumerate at least 3 steps?

How do you clean a fish?

Check for any scales and remove them with a fish scale remover or your nails or a knife. Just run your knife across the fish to remove scales. Do the gutting process, check and remove the intestine if present (it is not good for you). Rinse well in water water and wash well 3 times or more until the water seems clear.

How do you clean tilapia step by step?

Open the belly up with your fingers and pull out the innards. Wear a glove if you don’t want to touch them with your bare hands. Pull out as much as you can, then use a spoon or knife to scrape out any of the innards you missed. Rinse the inside of the fish under cold water until the water runs clear.

How do you clean fish from the store?

Spread the body open and remove all of the entrails, locate the fish’s anus and cut this out in a “V” or notch shape. Some fish have a kidney by the backbone. Remove it by scraping it out with a spoon or your thumbnail. Rinse the cavity out with a good stream of water and wash the skin.

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