How is the fishing at Betsie River?

Fly fishing the Betsie River for trout can be done all year but most anglers prefer the Spring and Summer months. The river is known for its prolific hatches of aquatic insects and fine trout fishing as well as its steelhead and salmon. … Most anglers consider the best steelhead fishing to be below the Route #115 Bridge.

Are salmon in the Betsie River yet?

*Fall salmon (Chinook, Coho, etc.) river fishing is late August through November. *Steelhead/Rainbow Trout fishing happens from mid-October through December (weather permitting) in Crystal Lake and other inland lakes, all year round.

Where can I fish on the Betsie River?

Best Places to Fish the Betsie River

Some of the most popular include Homestead Dam, River Road, US-31, and Grace Road. The most popular access point is located at Homestead Dam, where large amounts of salmon and steelhead are often found below the dam.

What type of fish are in the Betsie River?

The Betsie River is best known for its potamodromous fisheries, specifically for chinook salmon and steelhead. Some migratory brown trout and coho salmon are also caught. Chinook and coho salmon are not stocked in the Betsie system. These runs are comprised primarily of wild fish, or strays from other rivers.

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Can you use treble hooks in Michigan?

From August 1 through November 15, inclusive, terminal fishing gear is restricted to single-pointed, un-weighted hooks, measuring 1/2-inch or less from point to shank or treble hooks measuring 38-inch or less from point to shank only when attached to an artificial lure on the following waters: a.

Where is the Homestead Dam on the Betsie River?

The height of the Homestead Dam is approximately 13.4 feet, with a head of approximately 8 feet. The Betsie River Access Site located at the Homestead Dam, in Benzonia Township of Benzie County, is a popular access point for kayakers, salmon anglers, and steelhead anglers.

Which way does Betsie River flow?

The Betsie River is located in Grand Traverse, Benzie and Manistee counties. The stream originates at Green Lake near the village of Interlochen and flows in a westerly direction to its outlet into Betsie Lake and Lake Michigan near Elberta and Frankfort.

What is chuck and duck fishing?

Whereas in traditional fly fishing, the line is cast and the fly goes along for the ride, in chuck-n-duck fishing, a weight is cast and the fly line and fly are pulled along, similar to spin fishing (except the line does not come off a reel).