How much is 8mm iron rod in Nigeria?

What is the cost of 8mm iron rod?

8mm Iron Rod, For Construction, Rs 59000 /metric ton Priyadarshini Enterprises | ID: 19342036362.

How much is the price of iron rod in Nigeria?

Below is the price list for a single 12 meter length of TMT rods.

Reinforcement: Prices of Iron rods in Nigeria.

Steel Diameter Per Ton Current Price
16 mm 52 pieces ₦8,500
20 mm 34 pieces ₦13,000
25 mm 21 pieces ₦21,000
30 mm 15 pieces ₦30,500

How much do iron rods cost?

Construction Iron rod at Rs 4000/quintal | Iron Rods | ID: 22253070048.

What is the price of 10MM rod?

10 MM Steel Bar at Rs 36800/ton | Steel Bars | ID: 11176726748.

What is the price of 12mm iron rod?

Price Range : Rs 51-55/Kilogram.

How many rods are in a 8mm bundle?

“How many rods in 8mm bundle?”, generally there are 12 pieces of rods or Steel bar available in 8 mm bundle but their actual figure depends on their manufacturer and Steel Company. It can be available in full length of 12 meter (40 feet) or U shaped bent and sold per pieces, in kg, quintal and tons.

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How many pieces of 8mm rod makes a ton?

Mathematical calculation such as number of pieces of 8mm Rods in one ton = 1000kg/weight of one piece of 8mm Rod, 1000kg ÷ 4.74kg = 211 pieces. Therefore 211 No’s of 12 meter of 8mm Rod or steel bar makes a ton.

How much is Dangote Cement in Nigeria?

Check below to see the updated price list of cements in Nigeria for the month of January 2022.

Current price of Cement in Nigeria Today.

Cement Company 50kg Bag Retail Price 600 bags Wholesale Price
Dangote Cement ₦4,100 ₦1,500,000
Lafarge Cement ₦4,000 ₦1,400,000

What is the price of 16mm rod per kg?

Mild Steel & Iron 16mm TMT Bar, Construction, Rs 48 /kilogram Hanshika Traders | ID: 15356675655.

What is the price of iron rod per kg?

Price Range : Rs 51-55/Kilogram.

How much is a ton of iron rod?

Choose an option Below.

3/8″ 7.5 MM 300 PCS
3/8″ 7.5 MM (STD) 300 PCS
3/8″ 8MM 30FT 300 PCS 3,000.00
10MM 30FT 170 PCS 3,400.00

Which iron rod is best?

Top 10 best TMT bars brand in India are – 1) Tata tmt bar grade Fe500, 2) Tata tiscon SD TMT bar, 3) Jindal Panther TMT bar, 4) Sail TMT bar, 5) Kamdhenu TMT bar, 6) SAIL and ViZag CRM TMT bar, 7) Tata TMT bar, 8) SRMB steel tmt bar, 9) JSW steel tmt, 10) Shyam Steel tmt bar, etc.

What is the length of 12mm iron rod in Nigeria?

What is the length of iron rods in Nigeria? The average length of iron rod in Nigeria is about 12m. But it can be customized based on customer requirements up to 14 meters in length. The diameter is variable, ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm depending on the usage requirements.

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How many rods are in a 6mm bundle?

We know that 6mm dia of Steel bar have 20 number of Steel in one bundle and length of one piece of rod is 12 m.