How much is fishing in Puerto Vallarta?

Is Puerto Vallarta good for fishing?

Puerto Vallarta fishing is top-notch all year round. With trophy-size Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna, among many other Sportfish, a Vallarta fisherman seldom goes home empty-handed.

Do you need a fishing license to fish in Puerto Vallarta?

Do we need a Puerto Vallarta fishing license? Yes but all of PV Sportfishing Charters include licenses for everyone.

What fish do you catch in Puerto Vallarta?

The most sought out Puerto Vallarta fish Species is Billfish. Puerto Vallarta offers 4 type of Billfish to catch Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, and Blue Marlin. The next biggest game fish and sought after catch in Puerto Vallarta is of course the Yellowfin Tuna.

What kind of fish are in Banderas Bay?

Banderas Bay is a very abundant fishing area. It is home to several types of fishes, including: tuna, marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, snook, snapper, red snapper, Pacific sierra, skipjack tuna, and houndfish.

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Can you fish from shore in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta Shore Fishing

Go after Needlefish, Jacks, Stingrays, Mackerel, and even some Snappers by just casting your line right out of downtown. The main advantage of fishing from shore is that it’s budget-friendly. Bring your own gear – or rent some – and that’s it.

Can you bring fish back from Mexico?

You as a US citizen, are allowed to bring back any amount of fish you have caught legally that is for personal use! You may also buy as much fish as you want in Mexico and legally bring it back for personal use. Personal use covers, your use, the fish you give to family and friends, meaning any fish you do not sell.

Should I bring dollars or pesos to Puerto Vallarta?

It is recommended that all travelers bring Mexican pesos as well as their credit and/or debit cards to minimize any inconvenience the exchange cap at banks may cause.” Although dollars are widely accepted in resort areas, we recommend using pesos during your stay.

Are there sharks in Puerto Vallarta?

The straightforward answer is yes, there actually are sharks in Puerto Vallarta, but there is no real reason to worry while you’re in Banderas Bay! … The sharks in Puerto Vallarta that actually do still exist are either very small and harmless to humans or are plankton-eating.

Do you need a fishing license to fish from shore in Mexico?

Mexican law requires that ALL people on a boat that has any fishing tackle aboard have a current Mexican fishing license. … A Mexican fishing license is not required if you are just fishing from the shore.

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Are there Barracudas in Puerto Vallarta?

Are there any pirañas, barracudas or sharks ready to eat you up? Absolutely NO! Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are contained with a bay and are considered extremely safe for watersports, scuba, snorkeling and swimming.

What kind of fish can you catch in Mexico?

Some of the most common types of fish you can expect to see include Sheepshead, white trout, Red Drum (Redfish), Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sharks, Flounder, Whiting, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, and more.

Is snorkeling good in Puerto Vallarta?

Is Puerto Vallarta good for snorkeling? Yes, Puerto Vallarta is a great place to go snorkeling. Go to the right spots (revealed below), and you’ll almost definitely see a wide variety of marine life. If you’re lucky, you may even see some of Vallarta’s larger residents including turtles and rays.

Is Pargo good eating?

The Mexican Pargo is also known as Red Snapper. An excellent eating fish, it ranges from a few pounds to 40 pounds in this area. The world record is 50 pounds. Drifting and bait fishing are the most productive ways to catch these beautiful fish.

Is Sailfish a Marlin?

Sailfish are a type of billfish (like the blue marlin or swordfish) that are known not only for their pointed bills, but also their extraordinary dorsal fins that can be taller than the length of their bodies.