How much is it to fish on the Skyway pier?

Some of the most popular species found while fishing at this pier include snook, tarpon, grouper, black sea bass, Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, sheepshead, red snapper and pompano. There is a $4 fee per vehicle plus an additional $4 fishing fee per person.

What fish are biting at the Skyway pier?

Fishing at the Skyway Pier

Popular species include snook, tarpon, grouper, black sea bass, sheepshead, red snapper and pompano.

What’s biting at the Skyway?

Around the Sunshine Skyway and lower Tampa Bay, gag grouper and mangrove snapper are biting around the Sunshine Skyway, the shipping channel, the reefs, and most area structure. Trolling for grouper has been very productive. Spanish mackerel are all over the bay and also on the inshore reefs.

Is pier fishing free in Florida?

A majority of these structures are free to use. For those fishing piers where a fee is required, almost all have a pier license that covers anglers, resident and non-resident, that fish on the pier. “I am thrilled with the FWC’s new Florida Fishing Pier Finder.

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How deep is the Skyway fishing pier?

The first ¾ mile of the south pier is around 6-to 7-feet deep, where it then begins to gradually drop to 10- to 14-foot depths. It keeps dropping to 20-foot depths about a ½ mile from where the bridge makes a bend to the north. This is a particularly good area to test your luck with ravenous Spanish mackerel.

Which side of the Skyway fishing pier is better?

3 answers. I personally have had more luck, with a greater variety of fish on the North, but that is my own preference. If you pay the fee at one it is good for 24 hours and you can use the pass on the north or south side.

Do you need a fishing license to fish off the Skyway pier?

Visit the Skyway Fishing Pier, the longest fishing pier in the world! … Once admission has been paid to fish on the pier, fishing licenses are not needed and are covered in the fishing fee, which is good for 24 hours from purchase.

How much is a Florida saltwater fishing license?

The shoreline saltwater fishing license is available to Florida residents only. Nonresident saltwater anglers must purchase a regular nonresident saltwater fishing license at $17 for three days, $30 for seven days or $47 for one year, regardless of whether they fish from shore or a vessel.

Do I need a fishing license in Florida to fish from shore?

A Florida fishing license is required to land saltwater species in Florida regardless of where they are caught (state or federal waters). Valid for saltwater fishing from the shoreline or a structure affixed to shore. Not valid when fishing from a vessel, or a shoreline reached by vessel.

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What is the best month to fish in Florida?

The best time to fish in the state of Florida in saltwater is normally April through September whereas the best times to fish freshwater are spring through November. Each species of Florida gamefish will have its peak high seasons.

Where is the best place to catch grouper?

The best grouper fishing takes place in 120 to 180 feet of water over wrecks or hard bottom (rocks or reef). The Gulf of Mexico is a really large area, so what a lot of guys will do is keep their bottom machines on whenever they’re running while watching for good bottom.