Is Pigeon Lake good for fishing?

Pigeon Lake is the location to catch that big one you have always been dreaming about. Muskie, large and small mouth bass, pickerel (walleye), and panfish are all available in Pigeon Lake. Whether you are an experienced angler or new to the sport, you are sure to have fun fishing in the Kawarthas.

Are there fish in Pigeon Lake?

The best area to fish from shore at Pigeon Lake.

The canal on the west side of the lake is a fishing hotspot that’s not only accessible by foot but also convenient because it’s just off the highway, which makes it a great spot if you want a quick and easy place to do some shore fishing.

What kind of fish are in Pigeon Lake Ontario?

Primary fish species present include, largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, muskellunge, crappie, perch and bluegill. The primary public access point for the lake is Emily Provincial Park, with ample parking, boat launches, camping and picnic facilities. Pigeon Lake is a bass factory.

Is there pike in Pigeon Lake Ontario?

From September 21st to 23rd, 2020, six nets captured 81 Lake Whitefish, 2 Spottail Shiners, 8 Yellow Perch, 3 Northern Pike, and 171 Walleyes, from Pigeon Lake. The mean catch rate of Walleyes was 28.5 fish /net- night.

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What kind of fish are in Pigeon Lake Alberta?

Circle at least a couple of the weekends in the month of March and make plans with your friends to head out to your favorite lakes for some good ice fishing. … Pigeon Lake happens to be one of several lakes I go to when I think of walleye, but the good fishing for walleye holds true at most every lake come last ice.

How many walleye can you keep at Pigeon Lake?

special Walleye Licence (draw and tag system). (1) fish with a minimum size of 63 cm. five (5) fish, but with the addition of a 25 cm minimum size limit.

How deep is Pigeon Lake in Ontario?

Pigeon Lake is part of the historic Trent-Severn Waterway. The bay of which Pigeon Lake Resort is located, has an average depth of thirty (30) feet. It is located at the north end of the lake, and is less than one (1) kilometre wide and three (3) kilometres long, before it opens into the main part of the lake.

Is Pigeon Lake Ontario Clean?

The provincial water quality objective for TP in rivers and streams is 0.03 mg/L and 0.02 mg/L in lakes. … The combined forest conditions grade for Pigeon Lake is ranked as fair.

Where can I catch muskie in Pigeon Lake?

The best spot on Pigeon is in the busiest part of the lake , right smack dab in the middle of Gannons Narrows. The secret is to fish it at night or wait until fall. Find the greenest weed you can and throw muskie size lures in 6-8 ft of water. This is a busy stretch so be careful of boat traffic.

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Is Pigeon Lake weedy?

Pigeon Lake is 17 miles long averaging between 1 and 2 miles wide. … Downstream, it feeds Upper Buckhorn Lake through the Gannon’s Narrows. Deepest water sounding is 57 feet off Lancaster Point in the north. The southern portion of the lake is very weedy and shallow.

Why are panfish called panfish?

Webster’s defines panfish as: “A small food fish usually taken with hook and line and not available on the market.” The style manual of the Outdoor Writers Association of America takes a different approach: “Any of a variety of species of fish that resemble the shape of a frying pan, thus the name.”

How big is Pigeon Lake Ontario?


  • Blue Pigeon Resort. 79 Fire Route 103B, Bobcaygeon. Pigeon Lake.
  • Birch Point Marina. 442 County Road 24, Bobcaygeon. Sturgeon Lake.
  • Bobcaygeon Beach Park- Sturgeon Lake. (Beside Existing Trailer Park)
  • Front Street East- Pigeon Lake. (Beside Gordon’s Yacht Harbour)