Is ROHU a marine fish?

Hilsa is found in oceans, and Rahu, Catla, and common carp are found in lakes and rivers. Complete answer: Marine water fishes are those water fishes that inhabit the oceans. This means they live in saltwater. … They include Rani, Rohu, Tor Tor, Catla, Kajuli, Common carp, and many more.

Is rohu is a Marine and edible fish?

A) Rohu. Mackerel is a marine water fish that is consumed for its meat. …

Which is the marine fish?

Hilsa, sardines, mackerel and pomfrets are some of the marine fishes.

Which are common marine fishes?


  • Angelfish (large)
  • Angelfish (dwarf)
  • Anthias.
  • Bass and groupers.
  • Basslets and assessors.
  • Batfish.
  • Blennies and engineer gobies.
  • Boxfish and blowfish.

What is milkfish called in India?

Milkfish called as Bangus occurs in the Indian Ocean and an important seafood in Southeast Asia. Milkfish is an important food fish in India, Philippines and Indonesia.

Which marine fish is not edible?

The best I can explain: Labeo rohita is an edible freshwater fish. The edible marine fishes are Herpadon, Pomphret, Salmon, Anguilla, Hilsa, Mackerel, Sardinella. Out of these fishes, Pomphret is the most edible fish.

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What is the most common saltwater fish?

Ocellaris clownfish

Undoubtedly, the common clownfish is the MOST POPULAR SALTWATER FISH.

Is milkfish saltwater or freshwater?

Milkfish can live in both sea water and freshwater but only breed in pure sea water. This means they will not breed in a pond or a lake, like tilapia. If you want to grow milkfish in a pond you will have to catch babies from the sea to put into your pond.

Who is a true marine fish?

The correct answer is Dogfish. Dogfish is a true marine fish.

Is Bombay duck a marine fish?

Bombay duck is a lizard fish that survives in the regions of the Indo Pacific. The strange-looking fish is often found in the sea waters off Maharashtra and also a famous food item in certain states of India. Since all the above fishes are the popular marine water fish varieties.

What is a small marine fish called?

7 letter answer(s) to small marine fish


Which of the following is a marine bony fish rohu?

Video Solution: Which one of the following is a marine fish ? “Which one of the following is a marine fish ?” Catla, Rohu and Common crap are freshwater fishes. Hilsa is an edible marine fish.

What is ROHU called in English?

Rohu fish English name is Labeo rohita.

Which Indian fish is tasty?

Rawas (Indian Salmon)

Rawas is one of the most loved and popular edible fish. Rawas is widely available in India and is famous for its pink to orange meat with a mild flavor. It is specifically an oily fish, which means it consists of oil almost all over its body.

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Is milkfish a freshwater fish?

Milkfish are euryhaline, stenothermic fish. They occur and can be cultured in freshwater, brackishwater, and marine waters but only in the tropical and subtropical Indian and Pacific oceans (rare in eastern Pacific from southern California to Peru) where temperature is >20°C.