Question: What is a specialist Rod?

What is a twin tip rod?

It’s a rod that has been designed to give the angler the choice of fishing a different test curve without the need to buy more than one rod, and still enjoy all the quality and endurance of Korum’s usual high standards.

What is a barbel rod?

A barbel rod is just a Avon type rod with barbel written on it. Also used them as light pike rods.

What is an Avon tip?

The best way to describe an avon rod is an all round, general purpose rod with enough power to handle fairly big barbel and carp, but also being suitable for smaller fish like roach. … The benefit of having Avon tips or top section is flexibility for how you want to fish.

Can you fish for carp with barbel rod?

Not only are Barbel a large fish but they are one of the most ferocious fighting fish once hooked. But every beginner progresses from fishing for smaller roach and perch, and quite often, a beginner angler, will make the transition to targeting bigger fish. The “trendy” big fish to target is Carp.

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Can you use carp rods for barbel?

The action on carp rods isn’t always the nicest for river barbel but I think for an odd trip they’ll be fine. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t take them and you see a cracking spot for your bait on the far side.

Which barbel rod is best?

In summary, the best barbel rod is the Drennan Specialist 12ft Twin Tip. However, our pick goes to the Korum Barbel Rod as this offers the best value for money and is a very capable rod. The Oakwood All-in-One is the best barbel rod for those on a budget and for beginners.

What is the most effective rig for quiver tipping?

A 10 – 11′ Feeder rod/Quiver tip with a 2oz – 3oz tip for ledgering tactics, this can be used for bomb ledger and various feeder tactics and a 10-11′ float rod. A rod with a progressive action is recommended as it will provide the necessary cushion when playing larger carp and will eliminate any unwanted hook pulls.

Whats the difference between a feeder rod and a quiver tip?

I would imagine a quiver rod is more of a bomb rod and a feeder rod is more powerful to throw larger weights…. I just lump ’em all together and use the correct one (power wise) on the day. Some people may say a feeder rod could have a solid top but imo a feeder rod or quiver tip has push in tips.

How does a feeder rod work?

Feeder rods or sometimes referred to as “quiver-tip” rods are rods with very fine end sections that are used as bait detection. Every nibble or tap of your line makes your rod tip bend and shake slightly alerting you to when the carp are in the area.

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What test curve is an Avon rod?

Avon rods started out intended for smaller barbel, bream, chub, and the like, and traditionally have a test curve (the weight at which the tip will bend at a 90 degree angle) of 1lb. However, in recent years the test curve has become slightly stiffer, and today test curves of 1.25lb or greater are more common.

Are darent Valley rods any good?

These rods are brilliant, they cast well and have a great playing action that protects small hook holds on big fish, if you are after a tench rod buy these!!!!

What is an Avon Quiver rod?

This multi-purpose 12ft Specialist Avon Quiver rod is a great all rounder with a 1 1/4lb test curve and two entirely separate top joint systems. … The rod is supplied with a choice of two top joints; a classic Avon style top and a quiver top, meaning the rod can be used for a wide range of methods.