Quick Answer: How do you get money in tiny fishing?

How do you get a lot of money in tiny fishing?

Upgrade Early and Often

In Tiny Fishing, the best way to make money is actually to spend money. Use your hard earned cash from fishing to upgrade your pole. Once you upgrade your pole you will be able to catch more and better fish. This is a great way to start making even more money.

Are there sharks in tiny fishing game?

If it had been more ferocious, they would have needed a bigger boat.

How deep can you go in Go Fish?

HOW DEEP CAN GOFISH CAM GO? Unit is warrantied up to 500 feet, but we have tested units up to 2000 feet with no issues.

What fish gives you the most money in tiny fishing?

The most valuable fish is the legendary fish. These fish are worth significantly more than the others and will be colored gold. In addition to ranking, you’ll encounter different species of fish from little blue fish to seahorses!

What is the best hook for tiny fishing?

Midge hooks are very well suited to fly fishing for micros. If you fish for micros with bait, the tanago hooks have a much better shape and can catch much smaller fish. The Varivas 2300 Ultra Midge hooks are the smallest I carry. Currently I have them in size 28 and 30.

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What are the types of fish in tiny fishing?

A majority of these fish are minnows (less than 8 inches), darters (less than 4 inches, small perch related to walleye), mad-toms (less than 6 inches, small catfish), and topminnows (less than 3 inches that swim on top of the water).

Does Go Fish Cam float?

Every GoFish Cam comes with a free float accessory that lets you Live-Stream footage directly to your mobile app when float fishing.

How do I charge my GO FISH camera?

2) Connect the USB cable (provided) to the GoFish Cam and connect the other end to a Wall Outlet or a PC. The left indicator light on the back of the unit will turn red to indicate that it is charging. Once the unit is completely charged the charging light will turn off.