Quick Answer: Should I get a 5 or 6 wt fly rod?

And here’s the thing, if you do most of your fishing in windy locations, then a 5-weight might not have enough juice to cast through it. So, if you consistently encounter windy fishing locations — or you plan on casting your new fly rod anywhere in Wyoming — then you should opt for a 6-weight.

Do I need a 5 or 6 weight fly rod?

The weight of the fly rod (which means what weight fly line you plan on using) will vary depending on what you fish for. But for trout fishing, generally a 4-weight, 5-weight or 6-weight rod is best. I personally prefer a 4-weight, but that’s just me. A 5-weight rod is probably the most versatile, though.

Is 6 wt too heavy for trout?

For chucking big and nasty trout streamers we would recommend a 9′ 6wt or 7wt. The heavier weight rod will aid in casting heavy sinking lines and large flies. It will also make setting the hook with heavy hooks easier, as they can take more force to stick.

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What is a 5 wt fly rod good for?

Anglers use 5-weight fly rods not just for trout, but also for bass, bluegills, perch, whitefish, carp and even catfish! … When used for trout fishing, 5-weights are wonderful rods for fishing dry flies but are also great rods for fishing nymphs and small streamers.

What is a 6 wt fly rod good for?

Off the top of my head, a 6 can be a great tool for heavier trout fishing and lighter-duty angling for species like carp, steelhead, american shad, bass, bonefish, redfish, and snook. In fly fishing, it’s important to keep an open mind.

Can you use a 6 weight line on a 5 weight rod?

So, for example, if you are using a six weight rod, you can drop down to a five weight line with no problem. In fact, in very delicate fishing conditions, I often drop down two sizes in line weights. There is a reason. Fly rods are designed to cast a particular weight of line — with a good bit of line speed.

What fly rod weight should I get?

Fly Rod Selection Chart

Fly Rod Weight What Kind of Fish
2-3 Weight Panfish and Small Stream Trout
4-6 Weight Great all purpose fly rod for Trout and Small Bass
7-8 Weight Larger freshwater Bass, Pike and Steelhead
9-10 Weight Salmon, Striped Bass and Snook

Is a 6 weight fly rod good?

6wt Fly Rod Presentation

This line will enable you to carry heavier flies and generate a higher line speed. Therefore, a 6 weight is a good choice if you are looking to make longer casts with heavier flies. A good 6 weight should be able to cast streamers up to a hook size 2 with ease.

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What size fish can you catch on a 5 weight fly rod?

In short, 5-weight fly rods are widely considered to be the best all-around choice for anglers; and for good reason. From making delicate casts on small mountain streams, to fighting 20-inch trout on larger rivers and lakes, 5-weight fly rods are versatile enough to handle a wide range of fly fishing scenarios.

What size flies for 5 wt rod?

Shop Favorite Premium “All-Around” 5 Weight Fly Rods

Rod is capable of fishing a majority of all trout dries, nymphs, and streamers. Rod can fish any fly between sizes #6-#20. Rod can deal with windy conditions, but still has touch for more delicate presentations.

How far can you cast a 6 weight fly rod?

Many trout fishing casts are under 30 feet and 60 feet is about as far as you would ever actually cast in a real life fishing scenario. We didn’t even let anyone cast beyond 60 feet even though some of these rods can easily shoot out to 100 feet when in the hands of a competent caster.

How far can you cast a 5-weight fly rod?

We don’t normally ask a 5-weight to cast 70 feet and beyond, but the best Power Rods, with an expert caster at the controls, can easily cast all the line – 90 to one 100 feet. But this also requires an angler to double-haul well and form good, tight back cast loops.

What is the best fly line weight for trout?

For trout fishing, new anglers should focus on line weights 4-6. I personally prefer a four weight fly line (and matching fly reel and fly rod). The reason is because a lighter fly fishing outfit makes smaller fish more fun to catch.

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Can you catch salmon on a 6 weight fly rod?

A # 6 will also handle coho and pinks in the right situation. A rod that size is more than capable of handling the size of fly we normally use for those species. For salmon I wouldn’t recommend less than that but there will be and are guys who fish lighter rods for pinks and even coho.

What weight fly rod is best for bass?

You can use a 5-weight trout rod for bass fishing, but it’s not the best tool. Because bass flies tend to be large and wind-resistant, heavier 6- and 7-weight rods with a medium action are best for bass. The rod should load deeply into the mid and butt section to launch bushy bass poppers in and around thick cover.