What did the man give to the fisherman?

What reward did the king give the fisherman?

When the king saw the fish, he was most pleased and at once asked the fisherman to name his reward. “Give me fifty strokes of the whip,” the fisherman asked.

What things did the fisherman’s wife want from the fish?

Eventually, the wife wishes to command the sun, moon, and heavens, and she sends her husband to the flounder with the wish “I want to become equal to God”. Instead of granting this, the flounder just tells the fisherman to go home, stating that “she is sitting in her old hovel again”.

What wish does the genie released from the jar offer the poor fisherman?

When the fisherman told him that Solomon had been dead for many centuries, the Jinni was overjoyed and granted the fisherman a choice of the manner of his death. The jinni explained that for the first hundred years of his imprisonment, he swore to enrich the person who freed him forever, but nobody freed him.

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What did the fisherman release in the fisherman and the Jinni?

When he pulled it up he found a copper jar with a cap that had the seal of Solomon on it. The fisherman was overjoyed, since he could sell the jar for money. He was curious of what was inside the jar, and removed the cap with his knife. A plume of smoke came out of the jar and condensed into an Ifrit (powerful genie).

What is the moral of the story of the fisherman?

Contentment is true wealth: The fisherman was able to spend time playing with his son on the beach because he had already caught enough fish for the day. This is a lesson in contentment, which can be considered true wealth. To be rich is to be satisfied with “enough.” But this is not just a philosophical perspective.

How did the Lord reward fish?

Answer: The Lord rewarded Fish by giving him a handful of gold and promised to spread his fame far and wide.

How did the Golden fish repay the fisherman’s kindness?

When the fish announces that he is a prince under an evil spell, the fisherman throws him back into the sea.

Why does the fish give the fisherman’s wife a cottage again after giving her a castle?

He send the wife back to the hovel because she wants too much.

How does the fisherman defeat the Jinnee?

The fisherman tricks the jinnee into getting into the bottle. The vizier manipulates the king. The doctor warned the king that Allah will kill him if he kills the doctor.

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What does King Yunan do after Duban dies?

To everyone’s amazement, after the execution, Duban’s decapitated head instructs the king to open the book. Yunan opens it but finds the pages blank; the head tells him to continue turning the pages. The pages stick together, so Yunan licks his fingers before turning them.

Where does the story of the fisherman and the Jinnee likely take place?

“The Fisherman and the Jinnee” is typical of the tales that make up The Thousand and One Nights—two of the three interlocking stories pre- sented here are set in Persia and all of them feature Muslim characters.

What is the main idea of the story The fisherman and the Jinni?

The Moral. The moral is “treat people how you wish to be treated.” In this story the Jinnee, King Yunan, and King Sinbad all kill innocent people (or birds) and is then killed or sent into sorrow.

How did fisherman save himself?

So, he made himself as small as he could and jumped into the jar. Suddenly, the fisherman closed the jar immediately and threw the Jar into the Sea. So the wicked Genie had locked inside the Jar once again. The fisherman was very happy that he was saved and he escaped from the danger with his presence of mind.

What is the plot of The fisherman and the Jinni?

The jinni initially believes that he has been released by King Solomon, the jinni king who had imprisoned him in the pot. He fears Solomon means to kill him, but then learns from the old fisherman that Solomon has been dead for centuries. As a gift, the pot jinni offers to let the fisherman choose how he wants to die.

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