What is Flying Fish beer?

Is Flying Fish a cider or beer?

Flying Fish entered the country in late 2013 as the first flavoured beer to be produced by South African Breweries (SAB). … The drink is a low-calorie alternative to beer and cider.

What type of beer is Flying Fish?

Flying Fish. Go on, #FlowWithIt. A sweet and sour mash-up of green apple flavour, expertly mixed with refreshing beer.


4.5 Alcohol by volume %
234 Energy kl/100ml
56 Energy kcal/100ml
6 Carbohydrates g/100ml
5.1 Sugar g/100ml

What is Flying Fish alcohol?

Flying Fish is a premium Flavoured Alcoholic Beverage, at first sip you get the fresh flavour of either Pressed Lemon or Chilled Green Apple and just before you swallow it bursts with crisp refreshment. The combination is absolutely phenomenal; it’s exactly what the Flying Fish drinker has been waiting for.

Is Flying Fish an IPA?

The Flying Fish HopFish IPA is an English-style IPA featuring a deep golden color and plenty of hop bitterness balanced by malt sweetness. The HopFish IPA is lightly filtered to help maintain the appropriate body and flavor and a combination of imported European malts balance the bitterness of the hops.

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What does Flying Fish taste like?

What Does It Taste Like? Flying fish has a mild taste close to that of a sardine. The flesh is moist, slightly oily, but those who tried it say it is absolutely delicious. It is prepared in many different ways, from fish cakes to macaroni bakes.

Is Corona a beer or cider?

Corona Extra was first brewed in 1925 at the Cervecería Modelo in Mexico City, Mexico. Ten years after its launch, Corona became the best- selling beer in Mexico and today continues to stand for Mexican pride around the world.

Does Flying Fish have flavours?

Flying Fish Premium Flavoured Beer combines the pure refreshment of beer with added flavours – pressed lemon, crushed orange and chilled green apple.

Who owns Flying Fish beer?

Joe Public United is excited to celebrate two new business gains from SA’s largest alcoholic beverage group, SAB. Picking up Flying Fish and Castle Free in the last few months is testament to the three-year creative relationship the group has with the SAB brand.

Where is Flying Fish beer made?

Flying Fish: South African beer | Add Some Flavour.

How do you make Flying Fish beer at home?


  1. Ice Cubes.
  2. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Lemon Juice.
  3. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Orange Flavored Brandy.
  4. 1 Part 30 ml 1 oz Gin.
  5. ½ Part 15 ml ½ oz Peach Liqueur.
  6. Lemon-lime Soda.

What percent alcohol is Corona?

An easy-drinking beer, this Mexican lager contains 3.6% alcohol by weight, 4.6% alcohol by volume, 0 grams of fat, and 81 calories per 7 ounce serving. Find your beach. Relax responsibly®.

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Is SweetWater an IPA?

This mammouth India Pale Ale is loaded with intense hop character and subjected to an extensive dry-hopping process. Our IPA is unfiltered, leaving all the natural flavors intact.

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ABV 6.3
Brewery SweetWater Brewery
State GA
Style IPA (India Pale Ale)

Is there grapefruit in Goose Island IPA?

HOPPY. CITRUS WITH GRAPEFRUIT, PINE, AND FLORAL NOTES. With hoppy, bold, and smooth flavor, Goose IPA is the perfect beer for hopheads and discovery drinkers alike. …

What is Harpoon IPA?

Styled after an English IPA but brewed with distinctly American hops, it’s citrusy, refreshing, and perfectly balanced– as perfect on a Cape Cod beach as it is in a VT ski lodge or Boston dive bar. …