What kind of fish are in Lake Helena?

With lake fishing in areas such as Canyon Ferry Lake, Hauser Lake, Lake Helena, and Park Lake, almost every type of fish can be caught: Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Common Carp, Flathead Minnow, Flathead Chub, Largemouth Bass, Longnose Dace, Longnose Sucker, Kokanee, Mottled Sculpin, Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, …

How deep is Lake Helena?

Be aware that Lake Helena is very shallow (less than 10 feet deep) and a no-wake restriction is in place most of the year to protect waterfowl production.

Can you swim in Lake Helena?

Hauser Lake is not far from Helena, MT and provides beautiful scenery, RV campground (dry camping), swimming area, and walking trails. Devil’s Elbow provides the biggest spots, the facilities are clean. The fishing isn’t spectacular, but may be better at other times of year.

Is Lake Helena man made?

Lake Helena formed after the construction of the Hauser Dam, which flooded the wetland area where Silver, Tenmile, and Prickly Pear Creeks converged. The Lake Helena Watershed is a large and geologically complex area. Both natural and man-made environmental impacts vary across the watershed.

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Where is Lake Helena?

Lake Helena is a body of water along Prickly Pear Creek in the Helena Valley of Lewis and Clark County in southwestern Montana. It is 2,073 acres (8 km2) in size and is 3,647 ft (1,112 m) above sea level.

Is Kokanee a salmon?

Kokanee are the landlocked form of the Sockeye Salmon. While the Sockeye Salmon mature in the ocean and migrate into streams, Kokanee mature in lakes or reservoirs and migrate into tributaries in the fall to spawn.

Is Helena the capital of Montana?

Helena, Montana’s state capital and the state’s third territorial capital, became known as the “Queen City of the Rockies” with the boom brought on by the 1864 gold strike.

How many acres is Hauser Lake?

Hauser Lake in Kootenai County is 539.2 acres.

Can you swim in Clark Fork River?

Popular valley activities include fishing, floating and rafting the Clark Fork River, sailing, swimming and boating on the river’s dammed tributaries, recreating in several national forests and mountain ranges, and city-based activities in the towns within its corridor.

Can you swim in Ennis Lake?

This day-use area on the north shore of Ennis Lake offers opportunities for picnicking, swimming, boating, waterskiing, and fishing.

What kind of fish are in Canyon Ferry?

In addition to trout, fish species present in Canyon Ferry Lake include smallmouth bass, yellow perch, mountain whitefish, brown trout, brook trout, northern pike, panfish and walleye.

How did Canyon Ferry get its name?

After the purchase from Captain Stafford, Sheriff opened a livery stable and hotel, and this then became known as Canyon Ferry.” For some 50 years, the Sheriff family operated a stagecoach between White Sulpher Springs and Helena. Canyon Ferry was a meal station midway along the trip.

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Is there a town underneath Canyon Ferry Lake?

Canton was a small town in Broadwater County, Montana, now submerged beneath Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, Montana. The town was flooded when nearby Canyon Ferry Dam, originally built in 1898 to provide electricity for Helena, was replaced by a second, larger dam which began construction in 1949.

What county is Holter Lake in?

Lewis and Clark County, Montana, U.S. Holter Dam is a hydroelectric straight gravity dam on the Missouri River about 45 miles (72 km) northeast of Helena, Montana, in the United States.

Where is Hauser Lake Montana?

Hauser Lake is located 7 miles north of Helena on I-15, then 4 miles east on Secondary 453, then 3 miles north on county road.

What state is Hebgen Lake?

SPECIAL DIRECTIONS The Hebgen Lake is located in southwestern Montana, north of the Idaho border and just off Highways 87 and 287.