What kind of fish are in Weiss Lake?

Can you eat fish from Weiss Lake?

The Alabama Department of Public Health has issued an advisory against eating more than one black crappie a week from the lake. … The Alabama Department of Public Health is recommending that folks who love to fish and eat their catch, to significantly limit their consumption of fish from Weiss Lake and the Coosa River.

Is Weiss Lake good for fishing?

Rated as one of Alabama’s Top Fisheries, Weiss is best known because of its excellent Crappie fishing. White and Black Crappie can be found in Weiss with the lake record weighing in over 5 pounds! Each year, many 2-3 pound fish are caught to make one beautiful stringer for either the wall or supper.

What is the fish biting on Weiss Lake?

Weiss Lake is called the Crappie Capital of the World. Nestled on the Coosa River in Cherokee County on the Alabama – Georgia border is Weiss Lake. This 30,000 acre impoundment is definitely one of the hottest crappie fishing destinations in the United States.

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Is Lake Weiss safe?

State and local leaders say Weiss Lake is safe for swimmers. One thing health experts stress: to prevent infection, take precautions. “Importantly, if there is an open wound, really it’s best just to not get in fresh water, but if you do make sure it covered with a waterproof adhesive bandage,” explained Dr.

Can you eat fish from the Alabama River?

Alabama Department of Public Health says you should avoid eating fish caught in some locations due to mercury, PCB, PFOS levels detected in fish caught there. Mercury is the driver of most advisories statewide. … If the concentrations are higher, the state may recommend that no one eat any fish from that waterway.

Can I fish Lake Weiss with a Georgia fishing license?

Known as the “Crappie Capital of the World,” this Weiss Lake also is one of the best bass fisheries in Alabama. … Anglers need to use an Alabama license when fishing the Alabama portion of this lake, and a Georgia license when fishing the Georgia portion of Weiss Lake.

What fish are in Carters lake Ga?

Weiss Reservoir – It is illegal to possess crappie less than 10 inches in total length. West Point Reservoir and its Tributaries – It is illegal to possess any largemouth bass less than 14 inches in total length.

How many crappie can you keep?


Species Limit Size
Large Mouth Bass 5 12 Inches
Striped Bass 10 No Size
Crappie/Bluegill/Sunfish 25 No Size
Trout 5 No Size
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Where are crappie biting in Alabama?

Good crappie fishing can also be found on the main river run as well. Armstrong mentioned the fishing in Silver Creek, Maiben Lake, Camp Creek, Cane Creek, Tallatchee Creek, and McCalls Ferry. A good launch on the lower end is at Isaac Creek near the dam.

How do you catch bass on Lake Weiss?

In feeder creeks and both of these rivers, there is usually a slight stain to the water. This means you can fish lures from top to bottom like worms, crankbaits, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits as you cover lots of water fast, to find the most active feeding bass. There are now a lot of weeds growing on Weiss Lake .

How many catfish can you keep in Alabama?


Species Limit
Crappie 30
Yellow Perch No Limit
Catfish (under 34 inches) No Limit
Catfish (over 34 inches) 1

What is the water temperature at Weiss Lake Alabama?

Weiss Lake water temperature is now around 65 degrees, ideal temperature for catching bass, crappies and other species, reports guide Mark Collins.

What are fish biting at lake Guntersville?


Historically, about two-thirds of the anglers on Guntersville target largemouth bass, although bream (bluegill, redear sunfish, and longear sunfish), crappie, sauger and catfish attract their fair share of anglers.