Where is the super rod in silver?

Where do you get the Super Rod in pokemon soul silver?

1 Answer. A bit to the south of the Route 11 entrance to Route 12 is a house. The man in there will give you the Super Rod.

Where do I get the Super Rod?

The Super Rod is the third and best fishing rod the player can get. Unfortunately, you cannot obtain it until after defeating the Elite Four. This fisherman can be found in the Fight Area which is in the northeast of the map. He can be found outside of the north tunnel.

How do you get a fishing rod in Pokemon Silver?

It is all the way to the south, past a handy Pokemon Center. Go in there and talk to the fisherman on the left. He’ll give you an Old Rod which you can use by the water to fish for Pokemon.

Where is Super Rod in Pokemon Gold?

The Super rod is in the same place it always is in the region of Kanto. South of Lavender town, along the ocean in the only house of the route. From the Pokemon Center in Mossdeep city, go straight down at the cross road.

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Do you need a Super Rod to catch Feebas?

No, you do not need a Super Rod.

Can you catch Dratini with a good rod?

You will need the best rod in the game in order to catch Dratini. … Talk to him and you will receive the Super Rod.

Can Old Rod only catch magikarp?

For example, an Old Rod is usually only known for letting players encounter Magikarp and the occasional Pokémon like Tentacool or Goldeen, while the Super Rod will give players access to Gyarados and Poliwhirl.

Is the good rod or Super Rod better?

Each fishing rod allows the player to encounter different Pokémon. … The Good Rod normally allows encountering higher level Pokémon than the Old Rod, and the Super Rod normally allows encountering higher level Pokémon than the Good Rod.

What Rod do you need to catch Feebas?

Any rod will do, meaning you can use ANY rod, however its better to use a Super Rod as the only Pokémon you can get with that apart from Feebas is Carvanha, but patience is required if you want to catch this thing. Like in actual fishing in real life.

How do you get the old rod in Pokemon Silver?

Talk to the fisherman closest to the healing machine inside the Pokémon Center. He will offer you one of his fishing rods, the Old Rod.

How do you get a super rod in Pokemon Crystal?

1 Answer. You find the Super Rod in Kanto which you can only get to during the post-game. Go south from Lavender until you reach a house, there you will find the Super Rod.

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What Pokémon can you get with Super Rod?

The Super Rod can be used to fish for and catch Pokemon in water in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP).

Super Rod Pokemon Encounter.

Super Rod Pokemon
Whiscash Great Marsh Dratini Mt. Coronet Dragonair Mt. Coronet
Seadra Route 226 Relicanth Route 226 Staryu Canalave City

Can Krabby learn surf?

Tips: Krabby is not among my favorite Water Pokemon to use in battle, but it definitely has its place in the Pokemon universe. For one, it can learn two super-powerful (but rather risky) attacks. But more importantly, it can learn three HMs: Surf, Cut and Strength.