You asked: What is the sink rate of copper fishing line?

An estimated sink rate for 30 pound copper wire is 5 to 6 feet of depth with every 10 yards of copper wire fishing line out. An estimate for 45 pound copper wire is a sink rate of 8 to 9 feet of depth for every 10 yards of 45 pound copper wire.

How far down does 200 copper go?

150′ would make the most sense it runs about 50′ down and the 200′ runs about 60′ down which would put right where the 300′ of 32# runs.

How far down does a 300 copper go?

That 300′ of copper will be 75-85′ down.

Does copper wire attract fish?

The primary reason for the success of copper is its ability to cut through underwater currents to fish at desired depths. Copper has far less drag in the water than that of leadcore, which allows it to penetrate through different current and temperature layers to get where active fish are feeding.

What is copper fishing line used for?

Copper trolling wire is a very popular fishing line among fishermen who troll deep water. The tight braid of the Anglers Connection copper trolling line helps it get deeper and faster than other wire and leadcore line. Stranded stainless steel wire creates a unique harmonic vibration under tension.

How fast does core sink?

Realistically, you can figure that for every color of lead core (10 yards) you put in the water it will sink five feet if you are trolling at an average speed of 2.0 to 2.5 mph.

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