You asked: Where can I fish in Clarksville?

If you are fishing in the greater Clarksville Area, try out the Cumberland River, the Red River, the West Fork Red River or the local tributary creeks such as the Yellow Creek, Guice’s Creek, Fletchers Fork or Ringgold Creek. Lake Kyle and Lake Taal at Ft Campbell are also some good fishing holes for a variety of fish.

Where can I fish in Clarksville TN?

Fishing Spots Near Clarksville TN

  • Liberty Park and Clarksville Marina. Clarksville, TN.
  • Dunbar Cave State Park. Clarksville, TN.
  • Port Royal State Park. Adams, TN.
  • Montgomery Bell State Park. Burns, TN.
  • Harpeth River State Park. Kingston Springs, TN.
  • Lake Malone State Park. …
  • Lake Barkley State Resort Park. …
  • Paris Landing State Park.

Are there lakes in Clarksville TN?

The Best 10 Lakes in Clarksville, TN

  • Cheatham Lake. 19.2 mi. Lakes. …
  • Dunbar Cave State Park. 2.5 mi. 48 reviews. …
  • Percy Priest Lake. 49.4 mi. Lakes, Boating, Fishing. …
  • Pennyrile state park beach. 38.9 mi. Beaches. …
  • Harpeth River State Park. 31.5 mi. …
  • Radnor Lake State Park. 45.9 mi. …
  • Land between the Lakes. 32.0 mi. …
  • Billy Dunlop Park. 3.1 mi.
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What kind of fish are in Clarksville TN?

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are probably the most sought-after sport species. Blue, channel and flathead catfish also make for angling adventure. Muskie, walleye and northern pike fishing is also awesome in Tennessee. So is the trout angling, with brooks, browns, rainbows and lake trout to target.

Can you fish at Billy Dunlop Park?

This park has everything from fishing to walking trails and bridges to playground areas. There are plenty of places to relax and enjoy a picnic here as well.

Can you fish the Cumberland River in Clarksville TN?

In the Clarksville area, there is the variety of fishing that the Cumberland River, Red River, West Fork Red River, Clarksville Marina, Liberty Park Lake and Fort Campbell’s Lake Taal and Lake Kyle offers. … “You can fish the deep waters or ledges in Kentucky Lake.

What fish are in the Cumberland River?

Trophy brown trout swim in the Cumberland River, as do bountiful numbers of rainbow trout. The river is also home to walleye, sauger and oversized striped bass. For anglers using a spinning rod, a red, white or chartreuse in-line spinner attracts strikes from trout.

Can you swim at Land Between the Lakes?

Land Between the Lakes has two designated swimming areas located in Hillman Ferry and Piney Campgrounds which are only open to campers at those facilities. For lake access, visit our basic campgrounds, camping areas, and dispersed shoreline access on Kentucky or Barkley Lakes.

Is Cheatham Lake open?

Cheatham Lock is open to pass navigation traffic 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.

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What kind of fish are in the Red River Tennessee?

Red River Fishing Reports

Three species of black bass, striped bass, Cherokee bass and catfish top the wish list here. Crappie and Bluegill provide panfish action.

Can you swim at Billy Dunlop?

Swimming and fishing are permitted at Billy Dunlop Park at the patron’s own risk. Parks & Recreation asks the public not to disturb the natural area so that it will thrive and continue to protect the waterway. … Parks & Recreation asks that users respect the natural areas and the neighbors along the waterway.