You asked: Which fish is viviparous?

Among bony fish, viviparity is a characteristic of eelpouts (Zoarces viviparus], bass (Sebastes), Baikal oil-fish (Comephorus baicalensis), many fish of the family Cyprinodontidae (four-eyed fish— Anableps tetrophthalmus], and some freshwater fish of the family Hemirhamphidae.

How many fish are viviparous?

The adaptations that involve the gestation only occur in the ovary and embryo. Modifications in the reproductive system of males are also decisive, since they need to reach internal fertilization or internal gametic association. Among the 25.000 species of teleost fishes, approximately 500 fish species are viviparous.

Is Rohu fish viviparous?

Oviparous fish such as Labeo (Rohu), Catla (Katla), Clarias (Magur) are most of the bony fishes. … Gambusia is a large genus in the Poeciliidae family (order Cyprinodontiformes) of viviparous fish.

Is Betta viviparous fish?

Aquarium fishes are broadly grouped into 2 categories on the basis of their breeding behaviour, viz., egg-layers (oviparous) and livebearers (ovo-viviparous). … Important group of egg-layers are barbs, rasboras, goldfish, tetras, danios, betas, angelfish and gouramis.

Are fish viviparous animals?

Ovoviviparous fish keep the eggs inside of the mothers body after internal fertilization. Each embryo develops in its own egg. The young are ‘born alive’ like most mammals. Some species of fish, such as various sharks, are viviparous.

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Which bird is viviparous?

Option ‘A’ is ostrich: These are the spices of large flightless organisms, which are famous for their eggs. Because these birds lay the largest egg of the world.

Which of the following is viviparous?

This option is most relevant and correct as we have seen both bats and whales are viviparous. They give birth to their young ones which are grown and nourished inside the female body.

Is cat fish viviparous?

As they are not oviparous it means they are viviparous i.e. they give birth to the young ones and do not lay eggs. Step by step answer: Clarias which is a freshwater fish is oviparous animals i.e. they lay eggs. It is also known as catfish.

Is flying fish viviparous?

Exocoetus, known as flying fish, is oviparous. So, the correct answer is ‘Gambusia’.

Is monkeys viviparous or oviparous?

What are viviparous animals? Viviparous animals are those in which fertilization and embryo development occur inside the individual. Humans are viviparous. Mammals such as cows, monkeys, chimpanzees are viviparous.

Is Cobra oviparous or viviparous?

Cobra, krait, and rat snakes are oviparous snakes. > Only two varieties of snakes that are boas and pythons, give birth to live ones, others lay eggs in a simple nest. The soil temperature decides whether the young one of an oviparous snake will be a male or female.

Do goldfish have genders?

Male goldfish and female goldfish have visible differences in their pectoral, or front, fins. These differences can be difficult to spot if you have particularly active goldfish. Males have longer, narrower fins than females, while female goldfish tend to have thicker, shorter fins.

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Which fish have live births?

Livebearers are aquarium fish that retain the eggs inside the body and give birth to live, free-swimming young. Among aquarium fish, livebearers are nearly all members of the family Poeciliidae and include guppies, mollies, platies and swordtails.

Are fishes oviparous or viviparous?

Birds, reptiles, amphibians, most fish, insects, mollusks, arachnids, and monotremes are oviparous animals. Most mammals are viviparous animals.

What are viviparous animals definition?

Definition of viviparous

1 : producing living young instead of eggs from within the body in the manner of nearly all mammals, many reptiles, and a few fishes. 2 : germinating while still attached to the parent plant the viviparous seed of the mangrove.

Are fish oviparous viviparous or ovoviviparous?

The most common reproductive strategy in marine ecosystems is oviparity. Approximately 90% of bony and 43% of cartilaginous fish are oviparous (See Types of Fish). In oviparous fish, females spawn eggs into the water column, which are then fertilized by males.