Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

The Clarenbridge Oyster Festival 2018

Where: Clarenbridge, Galway

(See below for exact location the of Clarenbridge Oyster Festival)

When:  October (exact dates to be confirmed)

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

Welcome to the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival!

The perfect conditions exist in Clarenbridge for growing and harvesting Oysters – a sheltered bay, a perfect ratio of fresh and salt water and added to this the skill and knowledge of a community who are immersed in Oyster harvesting since Roman times and it makes for some seriously delicious Oysters.

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

All kinds of Oysters and shellfish – Have the lemon and tabasco ready to go!

There’s so much going on at the Clarenbridge Oyster Festival with a full programme of events but here the Oysters are the proverbial pearl!

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

Lots of other delicious local produce too. You’ll end up taking home some great local produce like this Burren Gold cheese

Clarenbridge Oyster Festival Lots of entertainment to be had at Clarenbridge festival with the Oysters taking centre stage of course!

After the Oyster, there will be lots of dancing and live music, of that you can be sure

Where exactly is the Oyster Festival? 

And the best advice we can share with you…

  • Get your accommodation booked now. The Festival is in the town of Clarenbridge, Galway, so it’s a good idea if you want to be based locally to find out about accommodation as soon as you can.

For more info: Clarenbridge

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