Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival 2018

Where: Howth

(See below for exact location)

When: 17th -19th March 2018

What a great seafood festival they have in Howth every year!

Tons of great restaurants participate and they always have a stacked programme of events. Loads of stalls and family entertainment and music to bop along to as you wander about the well organized festival.


How do you like your prawns?

Barbecued, whole, shelled, fried, skewered, marinated, sauced – Howth’s many award winning restaurants will serve your favourite prawn dishes in bite sized portions at the food village of this year’s Dublin Bay Prawn Festival, in addition to a variety of other delicious dishes.


Howth welcomes all seafood lovers!

Much more than just delicious seafood in Howth. Last year’s festival took place during St. Patrick’s weekend and was a huge success. Make sure you explore the place


Howth has a rich maritime history and is a long established fishing village.

This is the Prawn festival currency. You can get lots of delicious local seafood with this.


Love Oysters, Love Paella? We sure did!

So much deliciousness! And in such a picturesque setting

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Where exactly is the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival?

And the best advice we can share…

  • Bring a warm jacket and enjoy the brisk March weather with the other revellers as you go from stall to stall sampling the best local seafood that Howth has to offer.
  • Ditch the car and take the Dart which will bring you right to the gates of the festival
  • Start making plans now, and enjoy yourself!

Visit the official site: www.dublinbayprawnfestival.ie

Want you restaurant being seen by all of Ireland’s seafood lovers? Get in touch


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