How do you wake up wind fish?

What happens when you wake the Wind Fish?

Link wakes up in the final cutscene, clinging to the remnants of his busted ship. Apparently he was pulled into the Wind Fish’s dream, the only hero that could wake it up. And now that the job is done, the island is gone.

Does waking the Wind Fish end the game?

In the ending of Link’s Awakening, upon waking the Windfish, Link saves three of the four real characters (the Windfish, Link, and Marin), while Nakura (the ghost) succumbs to the storm and cannot be saved. Ending the game, we learn that Koholint and the rest of its inhabitants only exist within the Windfish’s dream.

Why does Link wake the Wind Fish?

The Nightmares trapped the Wind Fish in his dream, so they could continue to exist. The Wind Fish somehow brought Link into his dream to rescue him and his creation from the Nightmares.

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How do you hurt a Wind Fish?

The boss takes the form of a bouncing ball, that bounces towards Link three times before disappearing and reappearing in another area of the room. Wait until the boss is stationary, either when it first spawns or when it finishes its three jumps, and then douse it with some magic powder.

What happens if you beat Link’s Awakening without dying?

Complete The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening without a single death recorded on your save file and you’ll unlock a secret ending after the game’s credits. … But if you’ve beaten the whole of Link’s Awakening without dying, you’ll then get a heartwarming Easter egg featuring Marin, Link’s crush and closest in-game ally.

Is Links Awakening a dream?

Except it is stated in the manual that Link’s Awakening takes place directly after A Link to the Past. Furthermore, Link is never dreaming. The island, the physical location Link washes up in, is the dream of the Wind Fish. As in, the dream, given flesh in the real world, is Koholint Island.

Does Link ever see Marin again?

When the Wind Fish wakes up, the dream ends and everyone, including Marin, disappears. If Link manages to complete his quest without dying, Marin is seen when the end credits are over.

Are you the bad guy in Link’s Awakening?

DethI is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and its 2019 remake.

Can you steal from shop in Link’s Awakening?

Shoplifting. In Link’s Awakening, the exorbitant pricing of the Bow at 980 Rupees may entice Link to steal the item from the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village. It is possible to shoplift any item in the store by simply picking it up and walking out the door while the owner is looking in a different direction.

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What should I play after Link’s Awakening?

5 Things To Do After Beating Link’s Awakening

  • Collect All The Shells And Heart Pieces. …
  • Be The One Person Actually Making Chamber Dungeons. …
  • Finish The Trading Quest. …
  • Play Again On Harder Difficulty. …
  • Try A Different Zelda Game.

What to do after you beat Link’s Awakening?

6 Things to Do After Beating Link’s Awakening (Post Game/ End…

  1. Get All of the Heart Pieces. …
  2. Get the Secret Seashells and the Seashell Sword. …
  3. Find the Color Dungeon. …
  4. Collect All of the Figures in Mabe Village. …
  5. Get the Boomerang. …
  6. Create Some Dungeons.

Is Link’s Awakening sad?

The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening is something humblingly sad. It’s a more soulful story, in it’s feelings, like a Majora’s Mask or Breath of the Wild.

What is the egg in Link’s Awakening?

The Wind Fish’s Egg is the final dungeon in Link’s Awakening. Shortly after obtaining the final instrument, Link will be redirected to the egg. Link then plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish by using his ocarina along with the other instruments.

How do you learn Ballad of the Wind Fish?

“The Ballad of the Wind Fish” is the first song you can learn in Link’s Awakening. Marin will teach it to you once you have the Ocarina. Depending on where you are at in the story, she’ll either be in the Animal Village or by the Weather Vane in Mabe Village.

How do you refill magic powder in Link’s Awakening?

Link must find the Sleepy Toadstool in the Mysterious Forest, and then he can take it to the Witch’s Hut in Koholint Prairie. She will mix up the Magic Powder for him. He can use it 20 times before it runs out, and he can pick another toadstool and bring it to the witch to get more.

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