Quick Answer: Are loaches aggressive to other fish?

For the most part, clown loaches are lovers not fighters. They might tussle with each other a bit, but for the most part, they’re very peaceful fish. So they can’t hold their own against super aggressive, territorial fish. In fact, if they get bullied enough, they’ll stay in their hiding spots until they starve.

What fish do loaches get along with?

Peaceful species like Tetras, Danios, and Rasboras do well with Kuhli Loaches. Gourmias are a good option if you want fish that primarily swim in the middle of the tank. What is this? Kuhli Loaches can also coexist with other bottom dwellers.

Are loaches aggressive fish?

Loaches are semi-aggressive fish when housed in the aquarium individually, so it is important to maintain each species in groups of six or more to minimize aggression. Loaches are active bottom dwelling scavengers ideally suited for the community aquarium.

Are loaches fin nippers?

Some loaches have a bad reputation for fin nipping, and because they are more widely available than some others, Skunks top the loach nipping list. Nipping is likely a case of the fish’s requirements not being met. … So many shop-held loaches are also starving, so a quick meal of fin may be their way of getting by.

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Can you have loaches with angelfish?

Angelfish can be predatory and will gladly snap up a lost Neon Tetra or Guppy. However their small mouths ensure they aren’t a threat to Clown Loaches or other large species. … However tank bred Angelfish are incredibly hardy and will even thrive in alkaline water.

How many loaches should I get?

Loaches Behavior/Compatibility

Loaches are gregarious, and if possible, should be purchased in groups of 6 or more.

Are loaches schooling fish?

Generally, they are peaceful scavengers that spend their time rooting about for tidbits of food on the bottom. Many Loach species actually prefer to be kept in schools, and some species will literally pine away with loneliness if kept alone.

Are yo yo loaches aggressive?

The Yoyo Loach is an interestingly colored fish that brings energy and activity to your tank. … This fish is generally peaceful but is known to fight with members of their own species. They do well with other fish that are peaceful and can even stand their own with more aggressive fish.

Are dojo loaches aggressive?

Are dojo loaches aggressive? While more dojo loaches are very peaceful and even playful towards other fish, some hobbyists have had problems with their fish being overly active and nipping at fins.

How do I stop my fish from biting my fins?

Tropical fish become most active when water is at the warm end of their ideal temperature range. The solution to reducing aggression and fin nipping could be as easy as lowering the tank temperature by a few degrees. Warmer temperatures stimulate tropical fish to mate.

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Do fish fins grow back after nipping?

Yes, the fins of a fish can grow back after nipping or rot.

Fin rot can also be caused by a secondary infection on a nipped fin. From experience, your fish will recover, and the fin readily grow back in pristine water with the appropriate quality for the species you are keeping.

Will loaches eat goldfish?

Loaches. Weather Loaches, also known as Dojo loaches, are commonly recommended companions for goldfish, as they are coldwater fish themselves, requiring temperatures in the 60- to 75-degree range. However, they need to be kept in groups of at least three, and like goldfish, weather loaches require plenty of room.

Do loaches eat dead fish?

They clean up the tank very well as they consume any leftovers of other fishes.

Can loaches live with tetras?

Yes, kuhli loaches can live with neon tetras. Kuhli loaches are peaceful in nature, so they can coexist with many other species without problems. Neon tetras are excellent tankmates for kuhli loaches because they’re also very friendly. … Meanwhile, a small group of six neon tetras only need 10 gallons of space.