What fish are in the Yukon River?

Yukon River fish, as well as coastal species such as salmon, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, and and Dolly Varden, are found in various parts of this watershed. Colonization of Yukon streams continues today.

Why is there no fishing in the Yukon river?

Alaska’s Governor has banned salmon fishing along the Yukon River, citing concerns about warming ocean temperatures. First Nations, who fish salmon to sustain them in winter, are “outraged” and “livid” Leaders want an Indigenous voice at the decision-making table.

What is the national fish of Yukon?

Yukon (Eagle) River. Fish.

Are there salmon in the Yukon river?

Two salmon species have all but disappeared from Alaska’s Yukon River this year, prompting the state to shut down fishing in an effort to save them.

Is the Yukon river closed for fishing?

Subsistence fishing on the lower Yukon River for both species is closed, and residents who usually depend heavily on the fish are pivoting toward other ways to get meat. “I started fishing on the Yukon when I was six years old.

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Can you fish for king salmon in Alaska?


King Salmon in Alaska are world-renowned and for good reason. The Kenai River has the impressive distinction of producing the world’s largest sport-caught king salmon at 97 lbs.! Every year these mammoth salmon tip the scales at 70, 80, and even 90 pounds.

Can anyone use a fish wheel in Alaska?

Under current state regulations, any Alaska resident can get a permit to deploy and then operate a fish wheel in the Copper upstream from the Copper River Bridge. Every year, residents harvest 60,000 to 80,000 fish in a district that stretches more than 120 river miles upstream, often from private or Native-owned land.

Are there skunks in Yukon?

In the next few years Jung expects to see skunks sticking their noses into the Yukon and elk arriving from northeastern B.C. The elk would become the Yukon’s third herd after the Braeburn and Takhini herds, which were introduced by the government in the 1950s.

Why was salmon fishing stopped on the Yukon river?

Since those childhood days, the combination of climate change and federal and state mismanagement have caused a rapid decline in the Yukon’s wild salmon, threatening the sovereignty, culture and economic life of the villages along the river’s banks.

Are there rats in Yukon?

Twenty-six native species of rodents are confirmed to live in Yukon. Sometimes called “rabbits”, this order is much less diverse with about 80 species worldwide. Only two species are found in Yukon, neither of which are true rabbits. Rodents and lagomorphs have many ways of getting around their environments.

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How far do salmon go up the Yukon river?

Some Yukon River salmon migrate over 1,840 miles into the Yukon Territory from the open ocean, making for one of the longest salmon migrations in the world. As salmon do not feed during their swim up their home rivers and creeks, they must store fats and oils in their bodies to survive their long journeys.

What is Alaska’s state fish?

In the 2020 season, the cumulative king late-run total was 11,499, down approximately 48% in three years. Lipka said ADF&G has regularly imposed restrictions for king salmon harvest throughout the years, but the decline in the number of kings looks more like an environmental issue than a human one.

Is the Yukon river polluted?

The Yukon has become polluted by the three “M’s” of arctic pollution: mining, manufacturing and the military. “Every year it floods, and when it floods the water comes up through the ground, and all of the contaminants that are in the landfill mingle with the water,” Steve Howdeshell of Louden Tribal Council told CNN.

Are there any dams on the Yukon river?

The Rampart Dam or Rampart Canyon Dam was a project proposed in 1954 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dam the Yukon River in Alaska for hydroelectric power.

Rampart Dam
Impounds Yukon River
Height 510 feet (155 m)
Length 4,700 feet (1,433 m)

Are fish wheels legal?

Fish wheels are a legal subsistence gear type throughout the river, but because of river conditions and availability of resources to make the wooden structures, are used almost exclusively on the middle and upper Yukon River.

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