What is the hardest fish to catch in Far Cry 5?

Where to find hard fishing spots? Both the Pallid Sturgeon and the Paddlefish Sturgeon can be found in the river in the far southwestern corner of the map, in John’s Region. Just follow the river south of the Lamb of God Church, and you’ll find the former soon enough.

What is the best fish in Far Cry 5?

Best Fishing Locations

  • Rainbow Trout – Whitetail Park Visitor Center, PIN-K0 Radar Station, Jacob’s Region.
  • Paddlefish – Linero Building Supplies, Baron Lumber Mill, Jacob’s Region.
  • Arctic Grayling – Howard Cabin, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region.
  • Golden Trout – Silver Lake Trailer Park, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region.

Where are all the hard fishing spots in Far Cry 5?

Far Cry 5 Hard Fishing Spot Locations

Fish Region
Largemouth Bass Henbane River
Smallmouth Bass Henbane River
Lake Trout Whitetail Mountains
Chinook Salmon Whitetail Mountains

How many hard fishing spots are there in Far Cry 5?

In other words, you need to go to the 12 types of fish to catch, so there are at least 12 ‘hard’ fishing spots in the game. You’ll need to fish exclusively at these spots to beat the records held for each region.

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What animal gives the most money in Far Cry 5?

We’ve found a Far Cry 5 hunting location — the Harris residence — where you can make about $10,000 every 20 minutes or less (based on your skills and spawn luck). And it includes hares, the most valuable animal in Far Cry 5.

How do you get the 4th fishing rod in Far Cry 5?

The Wonderboy Fishing Rod is unlocked by completing Skylar’s questline in Jacob’s region. First, the quest Tools of the Trade has to be completed. Then, the mission Gone Fishin needs to be completed. Finally, complete the mission The Admiral and this rod will be free from any weapons store.

Can you fish in Far Cry 6?

In order to fish in Far Cry 6, you’ll first need a Fishing Rod. … Upon completing the quest you’ll get the Fishing Rod and unlock the ability to start fishing.

What kind of fish is the Admiral?

Turn around, and cast your line into the water (the Admiral is, in fact, a sturgeon so a Hybrid Sturgeon fly will help a lot).

Why can’t I pick up a fishing pole in Far Cry 5?

You don’t need to play that long to unlock a fishing pole, but you do need to complete the small island where you wake up with local resistance leader Dutch. … Lurking innocently there is your prize: your first fishing pole. Head over to it and interact with it to pick it up.

How do you catch an albino paddlefish?

Catch the albino paddlefish

Head out onto the nearby dock and equip your Fishing Rod with the Hybrid Sturgeon Lure to aid you in catching it. You’ll most likely fail a few times however as it gradually tires from your multiple attempts, the fish will be caught and the mission conclude.

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How do you catch the biggest fish in Far Cry 5?

The key to catching these fish is to use the specialized casting lures made available by the Fisher King perk. Use a bass popper to catch a bass near Henbane River, a hybrid sturgeon lure to catch a paddlefish in Holland Valley and the salmon egg bait to nab a salmon on the north shore of Snowshoe Lake.

How long does it take to fish in Far Cry 5?

Begin by playing through the game’s opening sequence and completing the objective to liberate Dutch’s Island. That should take you to about the hour mark of play time. Once that objective is clear you can get your fishing rod using either of the two methods.