You asked: Can you use lead weights for fishing in California?

Lead fishing weights have previously come under scrutiny from California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control, and state efforts to reduce lead in the environment are not limited to fishing weights. California began to prohibit the use of lead ammunition for hunting on state lands in 2015, and that ban will extend …

Are lead weights legal in California?

Reinventing the Wheel Weight

— New state legislation now makes it illegal in California to sell, manufacture or install lead wheel weights.

Are lead fishing weights still legal?

The Regulations make it illegal to supply lead weights between 0.06 grams and 28.35 grams for the purpose of weighting fishing lines. The Regulations create a rebuttable presumption that a person that supplies split shot does so for the purpose of weighting lines.

Are lead fishing sinkers illegal?

Lead consumption is not only toxic for birds but also other wildlife present in and around the waters we fish. In general, the laws prohibit the use of lead jigs and sinkers weighing under one ounce.

Where are lead fishing weights banned?

New York and Vermont have banned the sale of lead fishing weights weighing one half ounce, or less. Massachusetts’ Fisheries and Wildlife Board, Maine’s SB 268 (2013), and New Hampshire’s SB 89 (2013), have all banned the use and sale of jigs and sinkers weighing one ounce or less.

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Are lead wheel weights toxic?

Why are wheel balancing weights made of lead or mercury being banned? Lead and mercury weights are used in the replacement tire market to balance wheels and tires. Both substances are highly toxic and non-toxic alternative products are readily available at lower cost and with superior performance.

Are lead fishing weights safe to touch?

There have been a few studies found showing the increase over time in the levels of lead in the blood of both birds and fish in the areas highly trafficked by fisherman. So in short, lead sinkers are perfectly safe for humans to handle but can be potentially harmful for your fishing environment.

Is lead ammunition banned in California?

At least 15 other states have some restrictions on lead ammunition, but California’s statewide ban on lead ammunition for hunting is the most sweeping in U.S. history. The ban is the final step in the six-year process to phase out lead ammo after the passage of Assembly Bill 711 in 2013.